Focusing on the customer


Sika’s organizational structure is decentralized, with the management teams in the regions and national subsidiaries playing a pivotal role. The company is customer-focused and is characterized by its traditional flat leadership structures.

Organizational structure

Sika conducts its worldwide activities according to countries that have been classed into regions with area-wide managerial functions. The heads of the regions are members of Group Management and are responsible for EMEA, Asia/Pacific, Americas, and Global Business. Based on the decision of the Board of Directors, the regions North and Latin America that were previously managed separately, were merged into one region in the beginning of March 2018. The new structure aims to create a more efficient supply chain, and benefit from larger purchasing volumes in the closely intertwined regions of North and Latin America.

The regional and national management teams bear full profit and loss responsibility, and, based on the Group strategy, set country-specific growth and sustainability targets, and allocate resources. An overview of the organization by regions for the 2018 financial year can be found on page 39 of the download version of this report.

Sika’s regional breakdown is based on unified economic areas and supply chain structures. Overarching leadership responsibility ensures integrated management
from production to the customer. Sika’s sales organization is geared to seven target markets: Concrete, Waterproofing, Roofing, Flooring, Sealing & Bonding, Refurbishment, and Industry. This market-oriented distribution enables Sika to sharpen its customer focus, optimize its technical market support activities, and concentrate its R&D operations on market needs.

Organizational Diagram

Integrated management, flat hierarchies

We take the long view when it comes to developing our business. Our relationship with customers, employees and other stakeholders is shaped by respect and responsibility. Sika operates with a strong focus on safety, quality, environmental protection, fair treatment, social responsibility, responsible growth, and value creation.

Board of Directors

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