Sika is a leading international manufacturer for specialty chemicals committed to high ethical standards and to sustainability in its relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors, governments, communities and to the environment. Sika follows the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Therefore Sika expects suppliers to observe equal standards of professional conduct and integrity in particular in their relationship with Sika, their employees and their sub-contractors.

Suppliers recognize that their compliance with this code of conduct is an essential element of Sika's vendor qualification.


Suppliers’ conduct is governed by high ethical, safety & environment and sustainability standards. Supplier has taken note of Sika's Code of Conduct and will in its dealing with Sika not support any conduct which constitutes a violation of that Code.


In addition to fully complying with contractually agreed terms suppliers operate in full compliance with all laws, regulations and international standards including health, safety and environmental laws and regulations applicable both to their operations and products.

Business Integrity

Suppliers respect Sika’s zero tolerance policy concerning bribery and corruption and avoid any active or passive corruption. They demonstrate integrity in all their business activities.

Social and Working Conditions

Suppliers respect the provisions of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Conventions of the International Labor Organization in regards to:

  • Prohibition and elimination of child labor and forced labor
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Promotion of equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment and occupation
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Payment of living wages and regular employment entitlements
  • Non-excessive working hours

Safety and Environment

Suppliers define and implement safety and environment policies, management systems, monitor their safety records and environmental impacts and achieve continuous improvement with a program identical or similar to ISO 14000. They identify and assess potential emergencies and develop emergency responses, which include contingency plans for business interruption scenarios. Supplier ensures that their business activities create minimal environmental impacts and they strive for efficiency. They adopt the principles of sustainable development.

Product Safety and Control

Suppliers ensure that goods delivered to Sika do not contain substances that are classified according to GHS with any of these hazard categories:

  • Carcinogenicity cat. 1A or 1B
  • Mutagenicity cat. 1A or 1B

Exemptions require prior written consent from Sika before the first delivery. Suppliers comply with all national and other applicable chemical control laws and provide to Sika actual and fully compliant product safety documentation for all raw materials and trading goods supplied.

Protection of Tangible and Intangible Assets

Suppliers keep Sika’s business, financial and technical data as well as business correspondence confidential and use it only for the purposes agreed with Sika. They observe proprietary rights of third parties.

Trade Control

Supplier adheres to all applicable export control regulations, including any non-proliferation rules.

Implementation, Auditing and Reporting

Suppliers have systems in place to ensure the proper instruction, training and auditing of its personnel and subcontractors to ensure compliance with these principles. To the extent Sika is directly concerned, Suppliers will immediately inform Sika of any violations of this code of conduct detected.

Sika Audit

On prior notice Sika may audit Supplier’s compliance with these principles and may request corrective actions where needed.