Sika provides a full range of single-ply and built-up flat roofing systems incorporating both flexible sheet and liquid-applied membranes as well as thermal insulation and various roofing accessories. A more than 50-year history has documented that Sika roofing solutions are outstanding performers, reliable, sustainable, and long-lasting. Demand in this segment is driven by the need for eco-friendly, energy-saving solutions such as green roof systems, cool roofs, and solar roofs, which simultaneously help to reduce CO2 emissions. While refurbishment projects continue to gain significance in the mature markets, the emerging markets are moving towards higher-quality roof solutions for new build structures.


Our premium quality product Sarnafil® T has been in the market for more than 25 years. To offer a more cost-competitive product in the lower price segment, a new type of TPO membrane has been launched onto the market: Sikaplan® TM. In refurbishment, speed is very important. Sikalastic® 851-R offers a new technology that builds a fast-curing waterproof layer with an even thickness, despite of the substrate’s shape. Sikalastic® 641 is a new liquid applied membrane with reduced solvents. With less than 50 g VOC/L, it adheres rigidly to new regulations required by some countries. The technology is based on a patented i-Cure® hardener and has been developed specifically for use in highly-sensitive areas.

Single-ply membranes and liquid-applied membranes