Conveyor belts are widely used in highly demanding applications, such as in the tunneling and mining industry, and whenever bulk materials (grain, salt, coal, ore, sand, or other) are transported. In order to ensure smooth and ongoing operations, it is necessary to maintain and repair conveyor belts continuously. Conveyor belts are often exposed to heavy stress, which leads to wear and tear of the belt, surface damages, or even holes.

Fast and efficient repair of rubber components

Fast and efficient repair of such damages is possible with our repair material for cold repair, thus maintaining your conveyor belt system in good operational condition. A cost effective repair of conveyor belts can be achieved with a specialty adhesive system, allowing a rapid return to service.

The repair of rubber components typically requires hot vulcanization to restore the original strength. Broadly used are also solvent based contact adhesives where, however, the resulting bonding strength often varies over a wide performance range. The required steps: buffing, cementing, filling, curing and pressing or bonding mean a long downtime. Over the last years, Sika launched innovative systems for rubber adhesion. Focus was to reduce downtime due to conveyor belt repair in mining operations. The products are applicable with minimum equipment requirements, fast curing, and easy to apply. 

The Sika acrylic based system, SikaBond® R&B Aktivator and R&B 210 allows for fast repair of rubber components. Customers confirm that this adhesive system is equivalent to hot vulcanization, if not superior, due to greater robustness.

Structural Bonding

The SikaBond® R&B is based on peroxidically cross linked acrylates
that react with the double bonds in rubber and thus allow for a
structural bond.

Pot life and cure time
SikaBond® R&B system

The SikaBond® R&B system offers a good compromise between flexibility and strength. 

Pot life and cure time

Pot life and cure time offer a window that allows for safe application and fast recommissioning of the repaired part. 

tests at the Institute of Transportation Technology, Hannover, Germany

Reliability of the system has been proven by dynamic tests at the Institute of Transportation Technology, Hannover, Germany. Customers confirmed the ease and robustness of this system for conveyor belt repair.



Fabian Erisman, Market Field Manager Mining

“Sikabond® 210” is a true and ground-breaking innovation of Sika as we are the only company worldwide that can offer a solution for structural rubber bonding in an easy, safe and very fast way. As we are involved with large infrastructure and mining projects, where material handling through conveyor belts is critical, I strongly believe we can add further value to our clients.”

SikaBond® put into practice: Rapid splicing and installation

It was necessary to minimize the installation downtime of a new EP 800/4 crusher belt at a large cement clinker plant in Albania. Due to the very favorable installation time when comparing the SikaBond® R&B-210 system with standard hot vulcanizing procedure, the client opted for the new SikaBond® R&B-210 product that allowed rapid splicing and installation of the belt.

The belt was put back in operation after less than 1.5 hours, cutting down-time by roughly 80%. Furthermore there was no need for heavy equipment like presses and heating aggregates, power-supply and health damaging solvents at the installations site.   

Further Details and Applications