Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab
Extreme high grab adhesive for applications without any initial fixings.

Designed to perform well under harsh marine conditions. The sealant is available in different colors.

SikaSeal®-106 Construction
Water-based sealant with extraordinarily high-performance level and movement capabilities for construction.

SikaBond®-151 Object
Elastic wood floor bonding adhesive with excellent application properties designed for large objects with engineered wood, or small solid wood floors.

Fast, room temperature-curing two-component epoxy adhesive for return flange bonding in wind blades with excellent durability performance.

Sikasil® AS-784
RTV-2 silicone for short cycle line production. Excellent adhesion on all relevant substrates and best durability under various climatic conditions.

Fast-curing assembly adhesive with booster to bond plastic parts in OES industry.