SikaForce®-840 and -803 L45
Adhesive for structural bonding applications in transportation with high stiffness and flexibility over the whole service temperature range of use (—35 °C to +85 °C) offering long open time and fast-curing at the same time.

Sikaflex®-111 to -118
New construction adhesive range for interior fixing and mounting applications.

New generation two-component epoxy adhesive for patch repair and concrete bonding for the refurbishment business.

High thixotropic two-component epoxy adhesive to bond the two shells of a wind blade offering excellent durability performance.

Sikaflex®-404 Inliner
A solution to help reduce lost energy and increased bills by sealing and insulating ducts and leaking ventilation channels. This innovative new method has been developed in collaboration with Linervent, Sweden, and launched in Scandinavia.