New Sika dry-mix and technical mortars are suitable for use in all phases of the construction life cycle as a sustainable contribution to durable construction. For effective industrial application, mix designs must be geared to high strength, flowability and durability, using locally abundant and cost-effective materials. The recently developed Sika mortars can be used as the preferred materials in various applications due to their high performance, multifunctionality and sustainability compared to conventional mortars. The recent research and development activities for mortars relate to repair, strengthening and retrofitting systems for dilapidated concrete structures, and focus on intelligent repair, waterproofing and reaction to fire in building construction.

Sika solutions for concrete repair
Concrete Repair and Protection

Sika provides systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, seismic activity, reactive aggregates and others.

  • Repair Mortars
  • Hydrophobic Impregnations
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Protective Coatings
  • Reinforcement Corrosion Protection
  • Impregnation
Ready-to-use mortars

Sika produces high quality ready-to-use mortars, concretes and whole systems for various applications.

  • Waterproofing Mortars
  • Tile Adhesive and Grouts
  • Interior Finishing
  • Façade and building envelope
  • Flooring Mortars
  • Rendering Mortars
  • Admixtures & Additives
Sika solutions for grouting and fixing
Grouting and Fixing

Sika delivers all technologies of grouting materials for filling voids under machines or other structural elements as well as for grouting anchors.

  • Grouting
  • Fixing
Sika solutions for structural bonding
Structural Bonding and Chemical Anchoring

Sika solutions range from bonding of large scale concrete segments during segmental bridge construction work to fixing of steel rods or bars with chemical anchors:

  • Rigid Bonding
  • Anchoring
Sika: fibre reinforced polymer products for concrete, steel, wooden and masonry load-bearing structures
Structural Strengthening

Sika offers a complete system of solutions with mutually compatible fibre reinforced polymer products for concrete, steel, wooden and masonry load-bearing structures:

  • CFRP Plates
  • CFRP L-shape Plates
  • FRP Fabrics
  • CFRP Post-tensioning Systems