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"Sika is committed to providing reliable watertight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Our vision was to come up with an innovative product that promotes adhesion to fresh concrete without the need for a fleece backing. The team combined Sika’s knowledge of waterproofing, sealing and bonding, automotive and concrete solutions. The collaboration with specialists in each area led to a new waterproofing technology." 

Herbert Ackermann, Senior Department Manager Innovations, Thermoplastic Systems, Sika Technology AG

Insights from Martin Keller, General Manager Sika Switzerland

In Switzerland, the new fully bonded membrane technology SikaProof A+ has already been used in field tests. What experience did you make?

With the new fully bonded sheet membrane system SikaProof® A +, Sika once again proves that the further development and the combination of technologies has a very high impact on innovation.

Where exactly was the new technology used?

We were already able to successfully apply this new technology in some projects in the domain of below ground waterproofing, and have gained first, important insights.

What are the benefits of the technology? What is special about you, that
Sika customers appreciate about innovation?

The new technology has an optimized bond effect to fresh concrete and prevents any lateral water underflow between the membrane and the concrete. It differs significantly from conventional membranes by excluding lateral water underflow. Above all, I see advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability: Easy and rapid application, the high durability of such watertight built basements, but also the high flexibility and crack bridging ability are convincing.