Houses equipped with tight and well-functioning ventilations save energy and therefore contribute to the global trend of energy saving. Additionally, non-leaking channels help avoid spreading disturbing odors and ensure a good indoor climate, which is important for our health.

Air ducts that leak heat into unheated spaces can also add hundreds of dollars a year to heating and cooling bills, and existing ducts could be blocked or require simple upgrades. Sika now offers a solution to help reduce lost energy and increased bills by sealing and insulating ducts and leaking ventilation channels. This innovative new method has been developed in collaboration with Linervent in Sweden and launched in Scandinavia.

Minimizing Energy Losses in Ducts

A flexible, fire protected, and air tight composite-inliner is cured on-site in the existing old ventilation, adjusting to all surface irregularities, offsets, and narrowings. The on-site curing allows the inliner to follow the shape of the channels and seal leaking ventilations regardless of shape, diameter, and ventilation material and without the inhabitant having to leave the residence. Sealed, air tight channels permit significant energy savings, safety improvements, and cost savings, which ensures a pay back of the installation costs in less than
ten years.

Sikaflex®-404 Inliner
Sikaflex®-404 Inliner

Relined ventilation duct with Sikaflex®-404 Inliner and HWQ textile composite.