Innovation and growth

Creativity, innovation, customer connections, and research are dynamic components of Sika’s long-term success and future growth. Multiple large-scale projects are cultivated simultaneously around the globe, resulting not only in effective and original products for existing customers but also in opportunities for knowledge sharing among R&D teams in different countries. Securing and enforcing patents is an active part of protecting Sika’s intellectual property.


A dedicated focus on core competencies – bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures – has been, and remains, the cornerstone of Sika’s success.

In 2017, Sika’s concentration on core knowledge and capabilities, as well as customer needs, led to unique new products, including novel adhesives and coatings with improved mechanical performance and environmental sustainability. Sika is introducing unrivaled cementitious mortars and underlayments with either acoustic properties or a unique balance of quick dry and noncrack properties. Remarkable new additives for masking contamination in cement and sand provide customers with a better application experience and reduced dependence on premium raw materials. Sika’s R&D team developed more than 50 noteworthy new products in 2017 alone.

Research Strategy

Sika’s research activities are carried out at its 20 technology centers worldwide, with Switzerland as a key location. The research program targets the development of proprietary technology that provides key performance benefits and thus allows Sika’s product platforms to respond to global trends such as resource-saving building methods, energy-efficient and lowemission construction materials, high-speed manufacturing methods, or lighter and safer vehicles. Key projects focus on high-performance molecules with unique features, smart refining techniques for polymers and surfaces, and tailored laboratory equipment allowing quick scale-up to full-size production.

Sika complements its internal research efforts by working with major universities and scientific institutes on fundamental technologies. One example is the “Mesh Mould” project, in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, for the development of a robotized construction method for building load-bearing concrete elements of any shape without formwork. Sika also participates in international research projects and networks, such as the “Lorcenis” and the “EnDur- Crete” projects. These grant-supported consortium projects run under the HORIZON 2020 program of the European Union and center on durable, environmental-friendly reinforced concrete for energy infrastructure, industrial and offshore applications.

Focus of development in individual target markets
Development focus in individual target markets