New high-performance molecules were developed to further strengthen the competitiveness of the company. As a result, the launch of new concrete admixtures for example is significantly faster and requires fewer resources. Specific customer requirements are served much more effectively.

Particularly for tunnel and mining applications Sika has developed a new system of concrete additives for pasty filler components. Thanks to its unique composition, the new system enables reduced use of water and cement. This new Sika solution combines quality, sustainability and environmental awareness in one concept.


In this segment, Sika is concentrating its efforts on waterproofing systems for tunnels and buildings. In 2016, multiple industry-first innovations were launched such as the first corrosion- prohibiting acrylic injection, the first tunnel membrane meeting the most stringent requirements for tunnels (ÖBV 4.7), new membranes with 100% recycled PVC or multiple tapes to complement our SikaProof® and Sikaplan® portfolio and boost the efficiency of application and installation.


Liquid applied membrane development continues to focus on low-emission, environmentally friendly products that offer maximum safety during on-site application. This is made possible by the use of patented i-Cure latent hardeners. The drive to advance water-based technology in 2016 led to the development of a new roofing membrane with early rain resistance and a wider application window. Our efforts to provide innovative adhered membranes with efficient installation features for a growing global market continued: a new self-adhered PVC membrane for installation even on moist substrates and at low temperatures was finalized and will be launched in early 2017. In addition, many small improvements were introduced to maintain Sika’s edge in the supply of membranes with best-in-class welding and installation behavior.


Development work centers on high-performance cementitious and synthetic resin products that offer reliable application while meeting sustainable building requirements. Key drivers for innovative solutions are low-odor / low-emission, fast-curing and moisture-tolerant products. Recent developments using new patented epoxy hardeners provide significant advantages over traditional epoxy floor products in these areas. To complement the flooring products, Sika offers full-package solutions to customers in which floor solutions are paired with hygienic wall coatings. Several new low-emission hygienic wall coatings have been introduced and these have achieved the top hygiene rating for internal wall coatings.

Sealing & Bonding

To pave the way for the development of future products with outstanding performance, the focus is on R&D work on the fundamental chemistry of polyurethane and PU hybrids, as well as on dispersion technology. To meet the highest EHS standards, we have developed high-performance sealants for special joints in civil engineering and building construction. The regional technology centers have been updated on our latest technologies and products.


New Sika dry-mix and technical mortars are suitable for use in all phases of the construction life cycle as a sustainable contribution to durable construction. For effective industrial application, mix designs must be geared to high strength, flowability and durability, using locally abundant and cost-effective materials. The recently developed Sika mortars can be used as the preferred materials in various applications due to their high performance, multifunctionality and sustainability compared to conventional mortars. The recent research and development activities for mortars relate to repair, strengthening and retrofitting systems for dilapidated concrete structures, and focus on intelligent repair, waterproofing and reaction to fire in building construction.


The improvement of energy efficiency by reducing the weight of moving parts is now a strong global trend for the economic and ecological optimization of products in various industries, such as the transportation or wind sector. However, the use of lightweight materials calls for new structural bonding concepts and smart adhesive designs to achieve strong, durable connections with adequate flexibility to allow small movements and prevent damage to the lightweight material itself. Sika possesses all the relevant adhesive technologies and has developed specific products such as highly toughened epoxies, one- or two-component UHM polyurethanes or acrylate adhesives to master the various bonding challenges posed by composite materials and offer the best solution for the customer.


The innovative SikaPower® and SikaSeal® adhesives and sealants, which are used in vehicle body shells and are particularly suitable for lightweight applications, have earned Sika the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Europe Product Leadership Award. According to Frost & Sullivan, Sika’s range of innovative automotive solutions is key to delivering highest efficiency, safety and comfort.

SikaPower® adhesives allow carbon-fiber reinforcing components to be bonded to the steel and aluminum parts of car bodies. The ultraefficient, high-grade bond between the different materials helps to enhance body rigidity while reducing weight, as illustrated for the first time by the new BMW 7 Series.