Sika’s unchanged investment strategy is geared to consolidating the global  presence it has built up during the last few years, and unlocking new markets or expanding its activities to this end. To encourage focused growth, selected markets, customers, technologies, and products are prioritized. Sika continues to invest in production and logistics capacities at its sites in orderto strengthen local supply chains, and its decentralized market development policy brings the company very close to its customers.

In the year under review, Sika invested CHF 163.4 million (2016: 154.9 million), which is equivalent to 2.6% of net sales. At 52%, the key focus for investment was the expansion of production capacity (2016: 54%). The breakdown of the remaining investments is as follows: 28% (2016: 24%) was needed to replace existing facilities, 16% (2016: 19%) was used for rationalization, and 4% (2016: 3%) was spent on environmental protection, health and safety, and quality control. The share of investment in the emerging markets was 39% (2016: 37%), underscoring Sika’s growth strategy.

Sika will continue to invest in those regions where the Group cantap into new markets and generate growth.