Sika's involvement in Mexican communities

Although the Mexican economy is growing, poverty is still a big issue. Due to Sika’s big involvement in Mexico through the country site Sika Mexicana S. A., Sika has to think further than just the economic aspects. Therefore Sika cooperates with communities in Mexico to improve their standard of living.

What is done to help the communities

Surplus products are produced during start and shut down of production lines and due to off specification of products, which can not be sold. The two main targets of this project were therefore to firstly reduce disposal of those products and secondly to donate them to communities to waterproof their houses.

Sika's role besides provision of material 

Sika makes beneath the collecting and storing of these materials efforts in identifying communities in need. To reach the most needful communities Sika gets in contact with governmental institutions and voluntary groups. Sika then cooperates with those communities to donate their collections.


To monitor the efforts, Sika receives receipts from partners with quantities donated per beneficiary group. Last year 118 tones were donated to different communities. This corresponds to a value of 19’443 CHF.

Collecting second quality prodducts to donate