During the first nine months of 2000, the Sika Group generated net sales of CHF 1 487 m (previous year CHF 1 256 m), which corresponds to an additional turnover of + 18.4 %, or + 15 % in local currency terms. These figures contain acquisitions of CHF 60 m (+ 4.8 %).

All regions and both divisions have made a strong contribution towards this growth:

  • Notwithstanding the stagnation in the German construction market, Europe recorded a year-on-year increase of + 16.4 %. North America and Asia each saw growth of about + 11 %. In the third quarter Latin America once again recorded the Group’s fastest rate of growth, + 25.1 %, corresponding to an increase of + 19.6 % for the first nine months. Africa continued to record steady growth.
  • The two divisions Construction Chemicals and Industrial Materials both recorded impressive growth of + 14.5 % and + 16.6 % respectively.

At Group level, Sika is expecting to generate net sales of about CHF 2 000 m (previous year CHF 1 689 m). This includes over CHF 100 m from acquisitions which have now been consolidated for the first time.

For the year as a whole, with procurement markets gradually settling down (raw materials and other), a levelling off of interest rates and a continued weakness of the euro, Sika Group forecasts an operating profit before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of between CHF 275 m and CHF 285 m (previous year CHF 242 m), and after depreciation and amortisation (EBIT) of between CHF 165 m and CHF 170 m (previous year CHF 150 m).

Group net profit is set to reach CHF 100 m (previous year CHF 93 m), whereby the contribution to profit made by technology acquisitions remain modest, it will be a number of years before these acquisitions become fully effective. The cash flow (net profit plus depreciation and changes to provisions) is forecast to be in the range from CHF 215 m to CHF 220 m (previous year CHF 187 m).