At the Annual General Meeting of Sika Finanz AG of 8 May 2002, the shareholders resolved to distribute a dividend of 23% (unchanged compared to the previous year) on the dividend-entitled share capital. This means the gross dividend per registered share amounts to CHF 2.30, and per bearer share CHF 13.80.

Sika Finanz AG has been renamed Sika AG

Shareholders also voted in favour of changing the name of the company from Sika Finanz AG to Sika AG. Because of its name, the company Sika Finanz AG had frequently been mistaken for a financial institution. The renaming is intended to help Sika to be perceived as an industrial holding active in the field of speciality chemicals with its core competencies in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting.

Composition of the Board of Directors

The shareholders supported the motion of the Board of Directors, and confirmed the previous members of the Board of Directors Urs Burkard and Dr Hans Peter Ming in office for a further three-year period. Having reached the set retirement age, Prof. Dr Robert Fechtig stepped down from the Board of Directors after having held a seat on the Board for the past nine years.

The Board of Directors is now composed as follows: Dr Hans Peter Ming (Chairman), Dr Thomas Bechtler (Vice Chairman) as well as the members Urs F. Burkard, Dr Marcus Desax, Urs B. Rinderknecht, Dr Toni Rusch and Daniel J. Sauter.

Sales figures April 2002

Dr Walter Grüebler (CEO) expressed satisfaction about the sales figures for the month of April 2002. Compared to April 2001, in an unchanged scope of consolidation, Sika was able to increase sales by 6% in local currency terms, or by 2% in Swiss francs. The Industry Division saw sales rise by 5% in local currencies, or by 1% in Swiss francs. The Construction Division even recorded sales growth of 7% in local currencies, or 2% in Swiss francs.