Net sales of the Sika Group advanced 12.9% in 2004 to reach CHF 2,559.8 mil. Acquisitions and divestments contributed on balance 2.1% to growth.

Compared to the prior year currency-adjusted net sales were up 14.3%. Operating profit (EBIT) rose 21.6% from CHF 172.3 mil. to CHF 209.6 mil. Consolidated net profit increased by 29.0% reaching CHF 121.6 mil. (previous year CHF 94.3 mil.).

The operating free cash flow advanced 76.0% from CHF 86.7 mil. in 2003 to CHF 152.6 mil. in the year under report. The increase of the operating free cash flow is a clear indicator of the effectiveness of the measures taken in terms of volume growth, efficiency increase, Net working capital and cash management.

At the Annual General Meeting on April 12, 2005 Sika’s Board of Directors will propose a repayment of the nominal value. In keeping with the proposal the repayment per bearer share amounts to CHF 16.80 and per registered share to CHF 2.80.