Sika Group posted net sales in 2005 of CHF 2.9 billion, which puts our primarily organic sales growth at 14.0% in Swiss francs.

Expressed in local currencies, growth reached 12.2%, which means that a positive currency effect of 1.8% contributed to the growth in Swiss francs. Sales in all regions saw solid growth, with the sharpest rises recorded in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Asian-Pacific area.

Sarna Polymer Holding Inc., acquired by Sika on December 27, 2005, posted in 2005 net sales of 400 million Swiss francs in the acquired Sarnafil area.

Sika net sales in 2005 CHF 2.9 billion

Sarnafil net sales in 2005 CHF 0.4 billion

Combined net sales as base-line comparison for 2006 CHF 3.3 billion

Sika's 2005 income statement does not yet reflect the acquisition of Sarna, as this company was not consolidated until December 31, 2005.

Further details on 2005 and on future cooperation with Sarnafil will be announced at the annual media conference on March 8, 2006.