Sika Group generated net sales of CHF 3.5 billion in the first three quarters of 2008. Sales growth in local currencies was 9.4%, in which an acquisition effect of 1.1% is included. The currency effect was negative at -5.8%. Net sales in Swiss francs thereby lay 3.6% above the same period in the previous year.

All regions registered organic growth in local currencies. Particularly the IMEA Region - India, the Middle East, Africa - recorded the highest growth with 31.2%, followed by Latin America with 25.3% increase in sales.

The Construction Division grew 10.6% in local currencies due to sustained high demand in Sika's focal markets, the infrastructure and industrial construction sectors, and this despite noticeable market declines in certain countries such as the USA, England, Ireland, Spain and New Zealand. The Industry Division grew at 4.8% less strongly due the weakness of the automotive market.

Sika’s mid-term financial target remains unchanged at 8 to 10% organic sales growth per annum. The effects of the financial crisis on the economy are not yet fully foreseeable, but they could temporarily lead to lower rates of growth in individual countries or sectors in 2009.

Further details on the first three quarters of 2008, particularly on earnings and cost developments, will be published on November 4, 2008.