Today Sika officially opens its new technology center in Zurich Tüffenwies. Some 180 employees from Research and Development (R&D) find their place in the new building. Sika’s rapid expansion during the past few years requires structural expansion – especially in the area of innovation. This investment is fundamental for the success and growth of the coming years. Sika thereby acknowledges Switzerland as a technology site. The company has invested some 40 million Swiss francs in the new center.

A further step in the transformation of Sika’s traditional main location from a production site to one of research and education has thus been realized in Tüffenwies. During the last few years the central warehouse Switzerland was transferred to Birrfeld in Canton Aargau, and the production of concrete admixtures to Kirchberg in the Canton of Berne. The relocation of production of Sikaflex® adhesives and sealants to Düdingen in Canton Fribourg is currently underway.

The research activity in the new building is primarily dedicated to Sika products in the areas of sealing and bonding having polyurethanes, silane-terminated polymers, polyacrylates and epoxy hybrids as a chemical basis. The new laboratories in Zurich are located on the building’s north side – thus protected from light and heat exposure. In their modern furnishings with measurement, storage and climate-controlled rooms the laboratories match top-rate standards of the chemical industry.

They are complemented by office work spaces which face in a westerly direction and depending on work requirements can be used as open-space or individual offices. “Before, researchers were spread across various sites.

With the new building we now concentrate all research areas at one location and can thereby work more efficiently,” says Urs Mäder, Director R&D. “With the new facility we’re able to raise the attractiveness of Sika Technology still further and as a result find highly qualified personnel more easily. At the moment we’re hiring about 20 researchers per year.”

Surrounded by Sika Technology

The researchers can take inspiration in their work from the building itself, which contains Sika products at numerous locations throughout the structure. The exposed concrete façade with SCC fluid concrete (self-compacting concrete), which allows thin-walled construction of only 10 cm through the use of Sika additive products, conveys the pioneering performance of this new technology.

In addition, the new technology center follows the Sika concept “from the foundation to the roof”: Sika products are used in below ground sealing, in the sealing and fixation of the courtyard glass façade as well as for flooring and wall coverings, and on the roof. The facility has a combined flooring area of some 10 000 m2 and a volume of 40 000 m3.