Sika Services AG, headquartered in, Baar/Switzerland, and Solyndra, Inc., a manufacturer of cylindrical photovoltaic (PV) systems for large industrial and commercial rooftops, agreed upon a strategic cooperation to promote Sika’s highly reflective roofing products together with Solyndra’s rooftop photovoltaic systems.

“Sika has a strong reputation as a supplier of roofing materials and photovoltaic systems worldwide and we are pleased to work together with them to develop a powerful combined offering for the challenging environment of the commercial rooftop solar market,” said Clemens Jargon, Solyndra’s President EMEA and Managing Director, Solyndra GmbH, Munich/Germany. “Their knowledge of rooftops and materials combined with our expertise in solar systems will help us work together to generate the highest amount of energy from commercial and industrial rooftops.”

“We have found the lightweight, non-penetrating Solyndra system to be an excellent complement to our highly reflective rooftop materials and as interest in reflective, cool roofs, grows in Europe our two companies will work together to present a strong combined offering to our customers,” said Heinz Meier, Sika’s Corporate System Engineer Solar. “Both companies have built their reputations by providing durable, lasting systems that will protect and generate power from rooftops for more than 20 years at the highest level of quality.”

The agreement will initially focus on markets in Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, where Sika has an outstanding and market leading position providing roofing solutions including highly reflective membranes.  

About Solyndra

Solyndra designs and manufactures PV systems, comprised of panels and mounts, for the commercial rooftop market. Using proprietary cylindrical modules and thin-film technology, Solyndra systems achieve the lowest system installation costs on a per watt basis for the commercial rooftop market. Headquartered in Fremont, USA. Solyndra manufactures its solar panels in a highly-automated plant where it performs all operations required to process materials into the final product.