Xiamen Airlines - A Gem in China

Founded in 1984, Xiamen Airlines is the only airline in China that maintains a pure Boeing fleet. Fuzhou is one of the most important bases of Xiamen Airlines. Over the years, Xiamen Airlines has been developing Fuzhou’s air transportation market, and increasing investment in its fleet in its Fuzhou base. In fact, Xiamen Airlines is investing RMB 169 million to build a 35,800m2 base in Changle, Fuzhou including its first Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) hangar to meet maintenance requirements and provide strong support to the operation of the newairliner. Upon completion, it will become the second largest hanger in east China, as well as a landmark of Fuzhou Changle International Airport, and Changle City.

Solvent-free epoxy self-leveling system

As the main airplane maintenance site for Xiamen Airlines, the floor of the Fuzhou airplane maintenance hall has strict requirements for compressive strength, abrasion and scratch resistance, and oil infiltration resistance performance. It also needs to be clean and appealing in appearance. A large area near the gate is exposed to sunlight, and therefore requires good UV resistance performance to avoid color fading after prolonged exposure to sunshine.

Based on a comprehensive understanding about the hanger’s design, daily operational conditions, environment, cost control and appearance requirements, Sika held over a dozen technical seminars with the project owner and the general contractor, referencing CECS328-2012, GB50209 and other relevant standards and the actual business conditions of Xiamen Airlines. We also organized field visits to successful cases that have been in use for more than 5 years. Eventually, Xiamen Airlines decided to use the Sika EPU solvent-free epoxy self-leveling flooring system.

The product has excellent water/oil infiltration, abrasion, skid and yellowing resistance performance, andis even very appealing in appearance. The flooring uses Ral 5012, very similar to Xiamen Airlines’ corporate color. For other areas, including the auxiliary building and the platform, Sika recommended a range of peripheral products, including a bulge-proof interface agent, alloy-based abrasion materials, liquid hardening agent, single-component polyurethane elastic sealant and solvent-free epoxy self-leveling system to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

With the help of Sika, Fujian Shangding Construction, Shanghai Muxin, and SCEGC, a perfect “Blue Elf” hanger for Xiamen Airlines’ Changle base in Fuzhou was presented to the expert panel for acceptance inspection, and received high praise from all parties involved.