Metro Line 2 - The capital's aorta

The line 2 is the second route of Lima’s Metro plays an important role in the implementation of the mass transit system for the city of Lima. It is also considers the connection of the external area of Lima, which includes the installation of basic services, paving of vehicular and pedestrian access, drainage and parking.

It will have 27 stations and an extension of 27 km. It will tour the city from east to west connecting thirteen districts and crossing the city of Lima in its route, which will be mainly underground and 25 meters deep. It will travel from the district of Ate to the district of Callao, it has been estimated that this route will take approximately 45 minutes and that more than 1 150 000 people would travel in this route per day.


The project required to make anchors into the concrete in order to join different structural elements. This resin will be used in the Metro Stations.

Sika Solution

For the application Sika recommended to use the product Sika® Anchorfix-3001, which is an epoxy resin that meets the highest quality and safety standards. More than 13,000 anchorages have been made with the Sika® Anchorfix®-3001. Sika also provided technical support in the start-up tests to ensure the quality ofthe installation.