New Trieste Airport: Sika Solutions combine sustainability with acoustic comfort

The new Trieste Airport  faced a remodelling process focusing on the improvement of passenger service and airport logistics. A more functional and modern design is combined with an open space architecture at the departure area of the renovated airport. The totally renovated structure of 5,500 square meters is going to be connected with an intermodal transport hub which includes a new railway station, a bus station and parking facilities for 1,500 cars. Along with infrastructural work, special flooring materials were used for the floor.

The Sika solution encompasses a system consisting of coloured and elastic polyurethane resine: Sika ComfortFloor PS-23 which best suited the demands of the airport in terms of acoustic comfort, treading noise, sustainability as the new guideline of the whole design and especially, in aesthetic terms, the modern uniformity of a joint-free floor.

Low Voc emission, mechanical strength and high aesthetic value of Sika Flooring Solution

Before laying the actual resin floor, the floor was primed with the surface impregnating and binding epoxy Sikafloor-156, thickened with quartz sand, with a consumption of 0.4kg/m2.

Once the primer had hardened, a two-component, coloured, elastic polyurethane resin, Sikafloor-330, with low VOC emission, was applied. The product, being self-levelling and easily applied, allows one to work on large surfaces in a short time. The following day, the floor was protected with a layer iof finish consisting of a polyurethane resin, coloured, opaque, Sikafloor-305 W. The laying cycle was reduced from 7 days to 4 days.

In the bathrooms, the epoxy system Sikafloor Multidur ES-14 was applied, since these places are more subject to chemical aggression. Two layers of Sikafloor-156 served as primer. On the second primer coat, a sprinkling of quartz sand provides an anti-slipping strength on the final coating. Later, the two-component epoxy resin, Sikafloor-264, was applied. Further Sika products: The thickener Sika Stelmittel T was added on the bathroom walls to prevent the material from dripping. In the corner between the wall and the floor, a line of Sikaflex PRO-3 single-component polyurethane sealing was applied.