Last summer in the USA, Sika launched an amazing adventure: over a period of 2 months, Eric and Matt traveled the country to meet and talk with our partners and discover how passionate they are.


100 construction sites and 700 encounters throughout the US

100 construction sites and more than 700 encounters later, My Summer with Sika documents in pictures all the challenges that construction and industry markets are dealing with every single day. From concrete restoration to bridge construction, from tunnel waterproofing to high-rise blocks, from green roofs to windshields, our two guys experienced how Sika can support, help and advice dedicated teams to design and create what they have in mind and reach their goals.


An adventure becomes a journey of passion and discovery

Matt and Eric also met up with partners committed to their local community and got involved with numerous projects. Along the road, what struck them most was the warm and friendly welcome they received from everyone. And this is what the entire adventure was all about: a journey of passion and discovery.


As pictures are worth a thousand words, watch the video of My Summer With Sika.