The Woodman’s Treehouse in Dorset is a private and unique retreat set high up in the branches of a veteran oak.  A combination of sustainable craftsmanship and  luxurious interiors, the two level treehouse offers uninterrupted vistas through the tree canopy across the magical Dorset woodland. The project has created a huge  amount of media attention in Britain.

The treehouse is a private kingdom

The Woodsman's Treehouse's grand pier-like boardwalk extends into your own  private kingdom: a king-sized bed, a double-ended copper bath and the rotating  fireplace that can be positioned toward the bed, sofa or kitchen. A particularly  notable feature is a window in the floor, looking down to the stream below. The  thick insulating walls feature picture windows that offer woodland views, and there is a ceiling window above the bed that looks up at the impressive oak canopy  above. No practicalities have been overlooked either; the treehouse has a proper  indoor flushing loo and an entrance lobby for coats and muddy boots.  

Looking through the woods towards the sunset

Outside on the huge rear deck there is a wood fired pizza oven and barbeque, as  well as one of the outdoor tree showers - supplied with endless piping hot water. It's ideal in the rain or snow. From this level there is a spiral staircase up to the  roof/spa deck, where one finds a hot tub and a sauna in complete privacy. It's  rather special to be relaxing up amongst the branches, looking through the woods towards the sunset.

A Sarnafil single ply roofing membrane for the flat roof deck

It proved to be a special moment for Axminster based, Roof Assured by Sarnafil  installer, Climax Windows, when they were invited to install the single ply roofing membrane on the flat roof deck of the treehouse.  Brian Deem, Managing  Director, and his team worked directly with the visionary treehouse owner, Guy  Mallinson and his architect, to install 60 m2 of lead grey Sarnafil membrane on the decking surrounding the jacuzzi area.  The flexibility of the mechanically fixed membrane was perfect for this project which involved some complex detailing  and upstands around the deck railings.  Once the membrane was installed it was  covered with timber decking to continue the natural woodland feel.

Quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics

Owner Guy Mallinson was keen to use local contractors for this undertaking and  chose Climax Windows for their proximity and because they are registered installers  of the high performance Sarnafil membrane.  Quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics  were an important feature of this design.

Working alongside literally in the trees

Roofing installers are used to working at heights but in this instance they were literally in the trees working alongside other installers on what can only be described as a unique project.  Climax Windows has been a Roof Assured by Sarnafil  registered installer for many years and this is the first time they have installed the  membrane on a treehouse.

The Sarnafil membrane fulfilled all the performance and environmental credentials

Nick Hinds at Climax Windows said: “This was a fantastic project.  There was a real sense of working on something special and creating owner Guy Mallinson’s vision of a magical, luxurious treehouse.  Contractors worked side by side and it was great to see old methods, crafts and natural materials used. The Sarnafil membrane fulfilled  all the performance and environmental credentials needed for this project.

In all roofing installations correct detailing is critical and there is true craftsmanship

In all roofing installations correct detailing is critical and there is true craftsmanship in completing complex flat roof detailing and upstands. We’ve 12 years’ experience of installing the Sarnafil membrane which is an unbeatable product backed by great  support from the Sika Sarnafil technical team”.     

A membrane with large scale projects such as the Emirates Stadium and London St. Pancras Station

This membrane is usually associated with large scale commercial projects such as  the Emirates Stadium and London - St Pancras station but it is becoming increasingly popular with self-builders who are looking for an environmentally friendly and high performance flat roofing solution. From stadiums and stations to treehouses, no project is too large or too small for Sarnafil single ply membrane.


Anyone who’s thinking about visiting this exceptional luxury get-a-away and  enjoy life under an old oak for a while, go ahead and get booking – this  adventure is worth trying.


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