We are Sika, we are future

The past and the future are inextricably linked. Adopting the right course in the past is the key to a good position in the future. Since its foundation, Sika has grown into an internationally leading specialty chemicals manufacturer. The rollout of Strategy 2018 started in 2012 and since then the growth model has been systematically implemented – at a faster pace and with more ambitious goals than originally planned.

Since 2012, Sika has made 92 key investments and will continue to benefit from this strong growth momentum in the future. 20 national subsidiarieshave been established in highly promising markets and 51 plants have been opened. In the same period, Sika has grown externally by acquiring 21 companies, and has created platforms for growth by rounding out and expandingits product portfolio, combining distribution channels and launching joint marketing activities. These key investments combined with a well-filled product pipeline and a strong sales organization give reason to look ahead with optimism.

We are Sika, we are future.

New Trends demand new solutions

Sika’s success and reputation are built on its capacity for innovation. “Courage for Innovation” is not only anchored in its corporate values and principles - active innovation management makes it a tangible presence. The focus is always on a sound understanding of market and customer needs as well as the fundamental structural changes that are taking place in the form of megatrends. Innovations by Sikaoften drive forward new branches of industry, turning yesterday’s visions of the future into tomorrow’s reality.

Mesh Mould

© Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich

3D printing in construction

In future, additive manufacturing will make it possible to manufacture large-size concrete elements in a short time, and in any shape. To achieve this, the concrete must firstly have sufficient initial strength to carry the weight of the material, while still providing sufficient open time to apply more concrete and createa complete connection between each layer – in the same way as if the building element came from a mold. Sika is at the forefront of this development. Once it has reached market maturity, 3D printing will offer the benefit of flexibilizing and speeding up production processes immensely.

Scope for individual design

Sika also works with universities and research institutes such as ETH Zurich on projects involving forward-looking technologies in the area of digitalization and automatization of construction. One of these is the innovative new building technology “MeshMould.” Thanks to this technology it is now possible to produce concrete elements in individualized shape without the help of framework by using a steel wire mesh produced by robots. Sika provided the concrete admixture know-how for the project and, together with ETH, holds a patent on the construction technique.

Mobile Robotic Tiling

© Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich

Automatization on construction sites

There is also a growing trend to make use of robotic technology on construction sites as a way of increasing productivity. Intiling, for example – currently a slow, manual process – Sika is a development partner of ETH Singapore, providing processing know-how and mortar technology for the development of a prototype tiling robot.

Paradigm shift in multi-material design

New lightweight materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber orother composites are increasingly being used in automotive productionas a way of reducing CO2 emissions. Mixedmaterial carbody construction requires the use of high-tech adhesives capable of joining components with differing surfaces and varying thermal expansion. Sika is setting new standards by developing innovative “curing on demand” solutions: adhesives that combine extended workability times with fast curing – a paradigm shift in multi-material design. This will help car manufacturers and other industries to significantly speed up their processes.

Sika innovations are succ essful in the market

Structural adhesive for the automotive industry

  • +77% sales growth since 2013
  • Lightweight construction and multimaterial design are the megatrends in the automotive industry
  • Adhesive bonding is becoming the supreme joining technology
  • More safety, less weight, optimum stiffness: SikaPower® enables the body structure to absorb more energy

SikaProof® A
Waterproof sheet membrane

  • +30% sales growth in 2016 – four years after the market launch
  • Ensures long-lasting, secure waterproofing
  • Allows the use of below-ground building spaces
  • SikaProof® A has added a new dimension to space planning in urban centers

Sika® ViscoFlow®
Admixture for controllable concrete workability times

  • More than 40,000 tons sold in the product’s fourth year on the market
  • Flowability of ready-mix concrete can be programmed for a period of between 2 and 8 or more hours
  • Allows long transportability coupledwith short setting times
  • Meets the challenges of constructionin urban environments