A forward-looking architectural concept

A forward-looking architectural concept: The construction site of the Marina One development, a joint venture between the Singapore and Malaysian governments that has already received a number of awards for its sustainability.

At the heart of Singapore's new Marina Bay central business district, work is in progress on Marina One, one of the largest and most prestigious developments currently under construction in the city-state. The over 26,000 m² site will house four high-rise buildings with luxury apartments and prime office accommodation along with a shopping center and gardens. Even before its opening in 2017, the project, which is a joint venture between the Malaysian and Singapore governments, has obtained amongst others LEED Platinum pre-certification for its highly eco-friendly, resource-efficient and sustainable concept.  

Reliable solutions for the most challenging requirements

As one of the two main contractors, Hyundai Engineering & Construction is responsible, among other things, for project controlling. During the bidding procedure for the construction products, Sika LCS Optiroc scored points by providing high-quality solutions, competitive prices and active technical support. In the course of extensive in-depth advice sessions which drew on the company’s project references, the best solutions for the prestigious project were discussed. Sika LCS Optiroc's contribution thus went beyond the simple provision of high-quality products to include wide-ranging technical support to help achieve the best solutions for the overall project. The Marina One project is now being supplied with the entire range of building mortars including premixed screed mortar, water-proofed floor screed, high specification tile adhesives, grouts, color tile grouts and skim coat. In expressing his satisfaction with Sika's products, Kim Dong Hwan, Planning & Engineering Manager at Hyundai, cited just one example: “During the quality checks, our engineers frequently recorded screed hardness that even exceeded the architects’ specifications.” He also voiced his appreciation of the wholehearted support offered by Sika LCS Optiroc during the construction period, reserving particular praise for the short response times and expert service.