Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia: The new Sika factory, which opened in 2014, produces concrete admixtures and mortars.

Sika has progressively strengthened its local supply chain in Southeast Asia in recent years, having invested in seven new factories – in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia – since 2012. The company relies on a proven market development strategy based on the creation of local production capacities, which then pave the way for the supply of large product volumes to customers, continued growth and the expansion of market share. In most cases, the local supply chains begin with concrete admixtures and mortar products. Then, once markets reach a certain stage of maturity, further technologies, such as flooring systems or liquid membranes, are added. At present, the seven new factories primarily produce concrete admixtures and mortars. Government-launched infrastructure programs and energy supply projects plus an increasing volume of private investment in industrial and residential developments are fueling demand for these materials. Local production also involves a considerable amount of knowledge transfer within Sika, as well as developing local markets’ use of new construction technologies and solutions.