Zenit Stadium, Saint Petersburg

Zenit Stadium, Saint Petersburg: Sika’s Maxim Evsykov and Roman Tugarev discussing the next steps at the construction site of the new stadium in Saint Petersburg.

The new Zenit Stadium is being built on Saint Petersburg’s Krestovsky Peninsula for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 68,000 spectators will see the semi-final there. With its futuristic architecture, closable roof and mobile turf playing field that can be driven out of the stadium to accommodate other sporting events, concerts and exhibitions, it will be one of the world’s most modern and versatile arenas – and with a total area of 300,000 m2 and an exterior surface of 170,000 m2, also one of the largest.

“There’s no stadium you can compare it with anywhere in the world,” says Slobodan Kovachevich, General Manager of construction company MIR. Russia wants to take the World Cup as an opportunity to showcase itself as a modern venue for such events, he says. That means having the best stadiums built by top companies that manufacture their products locally and have an on-the-spot presence.

Slobodan Kovachevich, General Manager MIR
Slobodan Kovachevich, General Manager MIR

Reputable construction company MIR has been contracted to build the 68,000-capacity Zenit Stadium.

Sika products and know-how

“For such a complex project, we only work with companies that step up to their responsibilities from the start and provide a high level of technical support,” explains Slobodan Kovachevich. Having already worked with Sika on other projects, he shares their high quality standards. Sika delivered a great deal of know-how and a broad range of products, including admixtures for more than 450,000 m3 of concrete for the building. Furthermore, Sika solutions were used to level the stand floors and to seal and protect the surface structure. Sika technologies were also adopted to reinforce the supporting concrete structures and waterproof the joins between the roof and the piles protruding above the roof.