The new polymer production facility in Lobnya near Moscow

The new polymer production facility in Lobnya near Moscow: The result of effective cross-national and departmental collaboration within Sika.

At its Lobnya plant near Moscow, Sika has installed the first polymer-manufacturing facility in Russia. Polymers are the backbone of modern chemical admixtures and engineered high-performance molecules, and with this new facility Sika has been able to strengthen its competitive advantage. Tailor-made solutions can now be introduced much faster to the Russian concrete producers. In addition, a significant cost improvement was achieved as raw materials are now sourced locally. This flexibility of designing concrete admixtures will guarantee a steady increase in market share and will further strengthen Sika’s technology leadership.

Passing on know-how

The R&D and Procurement experts at Group level worked together to specify the type of high-performance polymers as well as to select the necessary high-quality raw materials and evaluate suitable local suppliers. Production Engineering designed the production facility and made sure it was operational on time. There was also a close exchange at the regional level, bringing expertise and know-how together.  Especially noteworthy was the support received from the Global Technology Center Leimen in Germany, which was a vital part of the success. Local polymer production represents a further milestone for the Russian national subsidiary, which can now assist other Sika organizations in the region with its know-how and with base materials produced on site.