Fast delivery times

Fast delivery times: The new polymer reactors at the Sika plant near Mexico City substantially shorten production times of the high-performance concrete admixtures.

By building its own polymer reactors at the Querétaro plant near Mexico City, Sika has secured a number of competitive advantages in Mexico: apart from cutting costs and speeding up delivery, it has increased customer confidence by guaranteeing supply reliability. The polymers manufactured in Mexico are important starting materials for the high-quality concrete admixtures Sika® ViscoFlow® and Sika® ViscoCrete®. Among other things, these enable significant water reduction and extended workability times for concrete mixes – crucial factors for work carried out in megacities such as Mexico City, with its many high-rise developments and long transport routes to the site. By eliminating import costs, local polymer production has increased the manufacturing efficiency of concrete admixtures. It has also slashed delivery times. As Armando Garcia, Operations Manager for the Mexican plants, points out, decisions on whether to proceed with projects – in particular small and medium-sized infrastructure schemes – are sometimes made at very short notice. "Now it’s easy for us to react in such cases." He also emphasizes that customers appreciate local production and that they frequently visit Sika's factories to learn about the manufacturing process.