The auditor of Sika AG is elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of one year. In the year under review, Ernst & Young AG, listed as an auditor in the commercial register since February 7, 1995, served in this capacity. In accordance with legal requirements, the auditor in charge is replaced after a maximum period of seven years. The auditor in charge has been responsible for the audit mandate since 2015.

The auditor participates regularly in the meetings of the Audit Committee, providing oral and written reports on the results of its reviews. The Audit Committee checks and evaluates the auditor and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. The evaluation of performance and the negotiation of fees are conducted according to internally specified criteria.

In 2016, the present auditor took part in three meetings of the Audit Committee.

Ernst & Young AG billed CHF 3.7 million for its services during the year under review. This figure included the audits of individual closings within Sika AG as well as of practically all subsidiaries and the review of the consolidated financial statements. Ernst & Young AG received additional fees totaling CHF 0.6 million for tax consultancy and CHF 0.4 million for audit-related consulting services.