The Board of Directors is Sika’s highest governing body and is mainly responsible for the:

  • Definition of the corporate mission statement and corporate policies
  • Decisions on corporate strategy and organizational structure
  • Appointment and dismissal of members of Group Management
  • Structuring of finances and accounting
  • Establishment of medium-term planning as well as the annual and investment budgets.


The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of office of one year. They can be reelected at any time. Upon reaching the age of 70, directors resign their mandate. The Board may decide on exemptions. No directorships are maintained with other listed companies on a reciprocal basis.

The Board of Directors of Sika AG currently consists of nine members. None of the members of the Board of Directors was a member of Group Management or the executive management of a Group company during the three preceding business years. The Board convenes at the Chairman’s request as business demands. In the 2016 business year, the Board met nine times. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) participates in the Board meetings in an advisory capacity. The other members of Group Management take part as necessary, but at least three times per year, also in an advisory capacity. Company officers report regularly and comprehensively to the Chairman concerning implementation of Board decisions.

The CEO as well as the CFO report to the Board in writing on the development of business at least once per month. Extraordinary occurrences are reported immediately to the Chairman of the Board or the Audit Committee, insofar as such events relate to the latter’s area of responsibility. The Internal Audit staff report to the Chairman of the Board as well as the Audit Committee within the scope of the review schedule.