Outstanding share capital totals CHF 1,417,811.60 and is divided into 141,781,160 registered shares, each with a nominal value of CHF 0.01.

One share represents one vote in the General Meeting. In addition, there is a maximum amount of CHF 155,893.20 in conditional capital (which represents 10.2% of the outstanding share capital as of December 31, 2017) , unrestricted in time, comprising 15,589,320 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.01 each. These shares are reserved for the exercise of option or conversion rights. The Shareholders’ subscription rights are excluded. Further information on the conditional capital can be found in art. 2 para. 4 of the Sika Articles of Association (available at https://www.sika.com/en/group/investors/corporate-governance/articles-of-association.html). Sika AG does not have an authorized capital.

There are currently no conversion or option rights outstanding. Sika has not issued any participation certificates, dividend right certificates, or stock options. Option plans do not exist for members of the Board of Directors, Group Management, or employees. Changes in the share capital, reserves, and retained earnings during the last five years are posted on page 142 et seqq. of the download version of this report (available at https://www.sika.com/en/group/Publications/annual_reports 01.html).

The purchase of Sika shares is open to all legal persons and individuals. Nominees, i.e. shareholders who acquire shares in their own name but on the account of third parties, are registered as shareholders without voting rights.