Within the framework of the resolutions of the Board of Directors, Sika’s operative leadership is incumbent on Group Management. The structure of Group Management is outlined in the beginning of the Corporate Governance section, on page 63 of the download version of this report (available at https://www.sika.com/en/group/Publications/annual_reports01.html). During the year under review, José Luis Vázquez, former Regional Manager Latin America, resigned as per the end of February 2018. Latin America and North America were merged into one region Americas as of March 1, 2018, under the leadership of Christoph Ganz. As per April 1, 2018, Thomas Hasler was named Head of Global Business & Industry. The members of Group Management and their functions as per the balance sheet date are listed on pages 54 to 57 of the download version of this report (available at https://www.sika.com/en/group/Publications/annual_ reports01.html). Detailed information on their backgrounds and activities can be found on pages 56 and 57 of the download version of this report (available at https://www.sika.com/en/ group/Publications/annual_reports 01.html).


Information regarding the number of permitted mandates of members of Group Management outside the Sika Group can be found in art. 10 para. 3 of the Sika Articles of Association (available at https://www.sika.com/en/group/investors/corporategovernance/ articles-of-association.html). Sika had no management contracts with third parties in the year under review.