Every shareholder can exercise share votes through representation by another shareholder with voting rights or an independent proxy.

Information on what constitutes a statutory quorum can be found in Article 704 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO); information on what constitutes a quorum under Sika’s Articles of Association can be found in § 15 paragraph 3 of the latter document. The orders of business for which a majority is required are defined therein. Sika’s Articles of Association can be found at http://www.sika.com/en/group/investors/corporate-governance/articles-of-association.html. The invitation modalities and deadlines for the Annual General Meeting comply with legal requirements. In addition, during a period published by the company, shareholders representing a nominal share value of CHF 10,000 can request in writing to have an item placed on the agenda, indicating the proposals to be put forward.

Notice is published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce. New registered shares will not be registered by the company in the two working days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Therefore, holders of registered shares sold between the deadline and the Annual General Meeting are not entitled to vote.