Sika sets defined standards for risk provisions that are binding for its production and logistics operations. These standards form part of the Group-wide “Sika Corporate Management System” and determine, for example, processes and guidelines in the areas of purchasing, quality, environment, health, and safety. Following the launch in 2016 of Sika’s new (SikaWorld) intranet platform, the “Sika Corporate Management System” is now accessible to employees all around the world. Together with the statutory regulations, the standards are also documented in the management systems of local Sika companies. Additionally, Sika production companies are certified to ISO 14001 (environmental protection) and ISO 9001:2015 (quality), and many also to OHSAS 18001 (safety and health). A growing number of larger facilities are also certified to ISO 50001 (energy management).

Audits and inspections are core elements of the comprehensive management system. They provide management at Group, regional and local company level with a regular, independent assessment of compliance with official requirements as well as with Sika’s internal risk management guidelines and principles. The audits and inspections ensure the effectiveness of processes and related controls. Quality, environment, safety and risk factors, technology, legal matters, IT security, suppliers and products are all subject to audit. Group-wide, Sika conducted over 160 audits in 2016.

Supplier audits are carried out by the purchasing and quality assurance departments on the basis of the risk assessment, and the number of reviews is steadily being increased. Over 60 purchasing and quality assurance employees have undergone training in audit methods since 2015.

Sika also regularly audits production and logistics at local companies. This includes recording any risks that may result in production downtime, personal injury, property damage, or liability claims. The probability and significance of these risks are assessed, and measures are subsequently defined and implemented to minimize the risk potential at the site and enhance safety. Sika is also insured against production losses.

Over recent years, Sika has succeeded in reducing the number of accidents significantly and is constantly working on further improvements. The company is focusing more closely on accident prevention and, since 2015, has also operated a global, Web-based emergency notification and crisis management service solution.