Social, economic, and environmental issues are closely intertwined. Social responsibility is a necessary component of success. Mindful of its obligations, Sika actively engages in sustainable and humanitarian development projects, either as a member of international organizations or directly on the spot. Sika’s social involvement also embraces the sponsorship of organizations and initiatives in the fields of science, culture, and sport.

Sika aims to build trust and create value – with customers, local communities, and society as a whole. The Group goal is:

5% more social projects per year: Social projects benefit all noncommercial stakeholder groups of local companies and their neighborhoods. They encompass monetary benefits or material donations, local projects and community engagement programs, dialog with stakeholder groups, communal consultation procedures, social activities and programs, training, environmental projects, or recovery programs. In 2016, this target has been achieved.

Sika sponsored 90 projects during the yearunder review (previous year: 83 projects). This equates to a year-on-year increase of roughly 8%.

Total expenditure for project sponsorship and donations ran to 0.8% of net profit. The projects can be classed under the headings “social” (including donations), “ecological”, “scientific”, and “sports and cultural.”

Social Sponsorship and Donations

Main goals, among others, are to support communities in infrastructure development for social projects, to promote training in construction professions and trades, and to provide emergency aid to disaster-stricken regions. Sika seeks to promote on-theground self-help. The local Sika companies thus put forward specific aid applications and, working with local partners, supervise the projects on site up to completion. Sika endeavors to provide intelligent support for projects through the application of company-specific expertise, through voluntary work by its employees, and through long-term collaboration with partners. Here are some examples of the projects sponsored by Sika in the year under review:

Juan Pablo Magno children’s home, Peru:
Sika supported the Juan Pablo Magno children’s home in Lurín, Peru, in the reporting year. Working with Sika employees, the children and adolescents built a garden with hydroponic plants. Further hydroponic gardens were set up at the Sika site in Lurín and in the municipality of Lurín itself. The harvested food was distributed to people in need. At the same time, Sika gave young people from the home the opportunity to gain their first work experience at the Sika Lurín site.

Community Center Youth Can, USA:
In the reporting year, Sika and its partner institution Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago provided assistance for the non-profit organization YOU th CAN , USA. This organization supports self-help schemes aimed at improving the lives of socially disadvantaged young people and providing impulses for a better future. 50 volunteers from Sika helped to renovate a community center in Chicago. In the last 24 years, Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago has rehabilitated over 1,500 residential buildings and 200 non-profit institutions.

Samrakshana orphanage, India:
Sika supports the Samrakshana orphanage and home for the handicapped, India. The Samrakshana charitable institution was founded in 2013 to assist people in need, such as street children, people with disabilities, orphans, illiterate people, poor families, single parents, the aged, and the sick. In the year under review, Sika cofinanced a new school building for 200 children in the state of Telangana.

Charitable organization Associazione Caterina Onlus, Italy:
In 2015, Sika began sponsoring Associazione Caterina Onlus, Italy, a charitable organization that has been aiding the poorest and weakest members of society in southern Naples since 2006. Sika’s support consists of three pillars: financial support, provision of Sika products and expertise, and volunteer work. June 2016 saw the official inauguration of the medical center with outpatient clinics sponsored by Sika. This center and its volunteer doctors are providing permanent medical services for families in the region.

Non-profit organization Operation Smile, Vietnam,Thailand, South Africa:
Sika has supported the activities of the non-profit organization Operation Smile in Vietnam since 2010, in Thailand since 2014, and in South Africa since 2016. Thanks to the assistance of committed volunteers, the organization has, since 1989, arranged operations for some 220,000 children and youths with cleft lips and palates or similar facial disfigurements. In 2016, as in previous years, in addition to the financial support provided by Sika, Sika employees did volunteer work, 336 hours in Thailand, over 420 hours in Vietnam, with the aim of providing organizational support for the hospital work.

UPSV orphanage, Romania:
Sika supported the UPSV orphanage in Brasov, Romania, in the reporting year. The institution not only offers a home for children and adolescents, but has also helped over 200 young people to find work and establish a foothold in society. In addition to giving financial support, Sika also helped to renovate one of the buildings.

Library Project, China:
In China, Sika supports the Library Project, a nationwide initiative to sponsor libraries in public schools. In the year under review, Sika donated 19,000 books to establish libraries at 20 schools. Overall, Sika has set up 41 school libraries since 2015, benefiting some 6,500 children. Sika was also involved in work to renovate several schools in mountainous regions of the Chongqing and Sichuan provinces in the south of the country.

School for Girls, Madagascar:
In the year under review, Sika supported the construction of a new school for girls and young women in Madagascar. The school prepares the young women for a job in education. Sika specialists contributed their expertise to the construction work, and Sika is also providing financial support for the building project. The school is located in Tulear, a city of 150,000 inhabitants, over 900 kilometers southwest of Antananarivo.

Sustainability Lab, Iran:
In its first partnership with the Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, the nonprofit organization myclimate held an interdisciplinary YES (Youth Encounter on Sustainability) lab in Iran between December 4 and 17, 2016. Apart from sponsoring the seminar attended by 30 young researchers, Sika actively participated in the program, which focused on challenges such as changes in the energy system, urban and rural infrastructure, and resource consumption.

Ecological Sponsorship

The focus of Sika’s ecological sponsorship is on water, building, infrastructure, and renewable energy projects. The main sponsorship partner in this field is the Global Nature Fund (GNF). Sika has supported the GNF and its international Living Lakes environmental program since 2004. Comprising over 100 partner organizations from various lake regions across the globe, the Living Lakes network sets out to promote sustainable development and the protection of drinking water, lakes, and wetlands. The initiative uses concrete projects to demonstrate how, with the involvement of the local population, positive social and economic developments can be achieved in different regions and societies without any threat to nature and the environment. In the reporting year, Sika sponsored drinking water and environmental projects in Ivory Coast and South Africa. New drinking water projects were also launched at Lake Tanganyika in Burundi and Tanzania. Sika supported the construction of green filters (plant-based water treatm ent facilities) in Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, South Africa, and the Philippines with the aim of improving local sanitary and hygiene conditions. This also significantly improved the living conditions of impoverished groups in rural areas.


As project sponsor, Sika engages in a lively dialog with ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich), the University of Fribourg, EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne), the ESPCI ParisTech (School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry of the City of Paris), the University of Burgundy, Princeton University, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the University of Tokyo, and many similar institutions across the globe. Sika’s local subsidiaries cooperate with research institutes and provide mutual support.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland:
Sika continued to support the chair in Soft Materials at the ETH Zurich in the year under review. Research interests focus on soft materials – i.e., materials that are thermally deformable at room temperature – such as gels, molten polymers, and rubber and their boundary surfaces. Research into composites made of soft materials as well as colloid systems and bacteria are further main aspects. Furthermore, at the Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel, the “Mesh Mould” building technology won the Swiss Technology Award 2016 in the category “Inventors”.

Developed by researchers at ETH Zurich in collaboration with Sika experts, this technology allows the production of concrete elements in any shape without formwork. 2016 was the seventh year in which the Sika Master Award was presented to the author of an outstanding master’s thesis in the field of applied chemistry, based on the recommendation of ETH’s Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences. Sika also participates in ETH Zurich’s Partnership Council Sustainable Construction. This interdisciplinary forum promotes dialog on current research topics, supports resources and knowledge transfer, and encourages the launch of joint research projects in the field of sustainable construction.

University of Fribourg , Switzerland:
A research group on management in emerging markets was established at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in 2014. Since then, the University of Fribourg and Sika have carried out work to address the growing significance of emerging markets for the strategies of western companies. In the year under review, Professor Dirk Morschett became an active member of Sika AG’s newly formed Sustainability Advisory Board.

University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland:
In the reporting year, Sika sponsored the 8th International HSG Alumni Conference in Davos, Switzerland, on the subject of “Bridging Cultures”. Speakers from business, education, research and design approached this theme from a wide variety of perspectives. HSG Alumni is an organization for former students of the University of St. Gallen. It takes the form of an independent, nonprofit association and has a membership of around 24,000.

St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland:
The St. Gallen Symposium is a conference held each year in early May to encourage dialog between representatives of business, the government and society. In the year under review, Sika sponsored the work of the International Students’ Committee (ISC), which involves dialog between 600 leaders and 200 dedicated young entrepreneurs and students selected to participate on the basis of their entries in the St.Gallen Wings of Excellence Award competition.


Sika supports sports and cultural projects throughout the world. The focus of sponsorship in Switzerland is on the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, the EV Zug ice hockey club, the Oberwil Rebells, and the Swiss Sliding sports association. Sika France sponsors the French national handball team, who won the world championship 2017.

Lucerne Symphony Orchestra (LSO), Switzerland:
Sika has been a partner of the Foundation for the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra for several years now. The associated sponsorship agreement was renewed in the reporting year. The foundation sets out to promote the artistic reputation of the LSO at regional, national, and international level. It supports outstanding creative projects undertaken by the LSO and fosters the innovative development of the orchestra. As Switzerland’s oldest symphony orchestra, the LSO enjoys international acclaim.

EV Zug Ice Hockey Club, Switzerland:
Featuring on the club kit, stadium banners, and even the ice rink, the Sika logo is now a part of EV Zug’s public identity. EV Zug and Sika – a strong partnership.

Oberwil Rebells, Switzerland:
Following the success of the 2015 Street Hockey World Championship, Sika intends to continue its support for innovative sports by sponsoring the Oberwil Rebells, a club that competes in the Swiss street hockey championship every year. In the reporting year, Sika signed a general sponsorship agreement with the team, which is based in the Swiss Canton of Zug.

Swiss Sliding, Switzerland:
Sika is a sponsor of Swiss Sliding, the association for the Winter Olympic disciplines of bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton. Swiss Sliding is committed to both top-level competitive and grass-roots sport, with the development of young talent as a key priority. As Jürg Möckli, Swiss Sliding CEO , points out: “Apart from the financial support, Swiss Sliding also benefits from Sika’s know-how and products.”