Community Engagement

Local Communities

Sika wants to sustain local communities in order to help people to help themselves. Fields of activities are:

  • buildings and infrastructure for social and ecological projects or
  • education, preferably in connection with construction-related professions or
  • ecological water projects correlating indirectly with Sika's field of waterproofing activities

The main goals, among others, are to support communities in infrastructure development for social projects, to promote trainings in construction professions and trades, and to provide emergency aid to disaster-stricken regions.

Social Community Projects


Sika aims to vigorously support volunteering work in relation to social activities and personal development. Sika teams in Switzerland provided a group of refugees with an enjoyable and productive day out and brought help and assistance to mentally impaired working individuals. Volunteering work is carried out by Sika teams in all regions: volunteers from Sika USA, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and the local AEC community joined forces with “RebuildingTogether San Francisco” to take part in the “Give-Back Day.” The goal was to help provide maintenance and refurbishment to the popular community garden at Adam Rogers Park in San Francisco’s Hunter’s Point neighborhood.

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Partnerships and Initiatives

Sika commits itself to genuinely sustainable added value along the entire value chain. Our principles are the foundation for a socially and environmentally-conscious strategic management. We are committed to aligning our operations and strategies with the universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption established by the United Nations Global Compact Initiative.

Sika aims to sustainable and equitable development and to enhace the potential of community initiatives to contribute to the development agenda. The challenge for Sika is to identify priorities and initiatives that are meaningful in the local and national contexts and to build on existing projects.


Some Partnerships and Initiatives