Sika Spain collaborates with the Gil Gayarre Foundation

The team of Sika Spain is helping to renovate the buildings of “Fundación Gil Gayarre”. 

This Foundation is committed to integration of and equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities who are struggling to be considered full citizens.

Corporate Volunteering Day 2018

A group of thirty volunteers from Sika Spain has worked side by side with people with disabilities and professionals from the Gil Gayarre Foundation on the energy reform and adaptation of the original buildings of the San José Farm facilities in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Thanks to this corporate volunteering, it was possible to improve the general condition of these old buildings. Floors were fixed, interiors and exteriors were painted and the buildings received a thermal insulation system for their facades that leads to an important energy saving.

The Training

Professionals and people of the special employment center of the foundation have received training for the application of these materials for construction by Sika's specialized personnel.

"Sika Solidaria" on this occasion provided training in the application of construction products. This was very useful for the future employability of the members of the Gayarre Foundation, and for rehabilitating buildings with SATE systems of sustainable energy saving.

The Outcome

"Sika Solidaria’s” participants have worked together with  members of the Gil Gayarre Foundation. Through this corporate volunteering, in addition to creating a team, the daily life of many people has been improved.

Sika Spain is committed to engage in initiatives that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in terms of employability, integration and equality.

By means of the cooperation with the Gil Gayarre Foundation, Sika supports one of the most committed Spanish NGOs which defends the fundamental rights of people with intellectual disabilities. The main objective of this foundation is to make these citizens visible, creating alliances with other organizations, universities, companies and public administration, and promoting a a positive attitude towards less fortunate individuals.

Sika's values & principles

The commitment to its employees, to society and to sustainability are some of Sika's fundamental pillars. This initiative has therefore put into place Sika's values and principles.