Partnership with Lisca Bianca to support social and job-related integration in Sicily

Two different organizations, multiple objectives in common: The collaboration between Sika Italy and Lisca Bianca, which began in 2016, continues. Lisca Bianca is dedicated to the social and work integration of youngn people that have had complex childhood. Sika Italy has given support to this new project, providing construction solutions and technical equippement.

The goal of cooperation: Creating a future for disadvantaged young people
The goal of cooperation: Creating a future for disadvantaged young people

In partnership with the Municipality of Palermo, the project Scalo 5b is born: a large space, equipped with modern devices, reception and co-working areas. The hall with the name "Scalo 5b" reflects the the objective of offering education and trainings for young people in the community, and to promote trade and handcrafts. Sika Italia engages in social projects, working with local partners and supporting them with the implementation of construction related work.

Work in progress: a shed transformed into a work space and integration

Sika provides solutions for the renovation of the shed where the Lisca Bianca project will start, intervening in the flooring, in the roof, in the walls, in the restoration and structural reinforcement of the pillars. Sika also provides economic resources to purchase the necessary equipment for the activities of the laboratories.

Perspectives: a collaboration to integrate different projects, people and professions

The renovation of the shed is under way. Sika provides solutions for paving, covering and restoration of pillars. The renovated structure aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the  growth of skills at every level, developing innovative ideas through social integration. Artisans and experts in the manufacturing sector will have a "home" in which they can interact with other workers, transmitting and passing on to young people values ​​and skills capable of starting them up to professional training.

Lisca Bianca - an association that fosters the social and work integration of disadvantaged young people

The goal of the Lisca Bianca association - which manages the shed - is to promote the social integration of young people marked by a difficult childhood. The project aims to respond to the need to offer children  life experience within a reliable team, in a natural environment within a protected educational context. The beneficiaries of the intervention are young people in difficulty, who often come from a critical social context.