Opening career options to younger generations

Sika Tanzania is supporting “ProjeKt Inspire”, a youth based and youth led initiative aiming at opening career options to younger generations.

The program helps students to choose the best courses in universities, and yet be able to get involved in extra curricula activities that prepares them with knowledge and skills needed in the global market. ProjeKt Inspire aims to improve the quality of education through organizing fairs that enhance the learning environment.

Key policy objectives regarding education and employment

At the same time, the organization promotes key policy objectives regarding education and employment ranging from lifelong learning to social equity at governmental bodies. Recently, Sika has organized the first factory tour with kids from different schools.

It is an amazing activity, kids love it and the aim is to schedule one every 6 weeks. Furthermore, Sika staff is giving lectures at secondary school and university level. Sika staff gives chemistry lectures once a month.