Library Project

Sika China is cooperating with "Library Project", a non-profit charity organization. Fulfilling social responsibilities and supporting basic education, the Library Project of Sika China has been in operation for four years since 2015.

In the four years, the Little Yellow Helper volunteer team of Sika has been to the remote areas in Chongqing, Sichuan, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Jiangxi and other provinces, creating reading rooms and corners in 73 elementary schools, donating more than 67,000 books and providing more comfortable and safer learning environments for more than 17,300 students.

A volunteer team takes part in various charity activities

In addition to the book bought through the Library Project organization, Sika China also calls on its staff and partners to donate new or second-hand books by setting up donation sites and organizing "Book Donation Days". A Sika volunteer team was set up to take part in various charity activities. Some volunteers stayed on the reading room refurbishment site even during the National Day holiday; some volunteers came to the schools to set book shelves, sort books and carry out donation ceremonies.

As one of the volunteers of the Library Project, Swiss employee Deborah Buerge was warmly welcomed by the children. “They encircled me right away. I was deeply impressed by their passion and thirst for knowledge.” “It’s a very meaningful activity. I will get involved if I get the chance again in the future,” said Deborah about the activity.

Mike Champion at the donation cerimony of the Library Project
Committed to Social Responsability

Children are the hope of the future and education is the groundwork for the hope of the future. I hope that these libraries can broaden students’ horizons and knowledge,” said Zhang Yejiong, general manager of Sika (China) Ltd. In the drizzle of October 2018, the Sika Library Project moved to Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, initiating a new round of public service work

Sika volunteers for children
Volunteering for the children

On 16 October, 7 members from senior management of Sika China led by general
manager Zhang Yejiong joined the volunteer team and attended the Library Project
donation ceremony at Gucheng Elementary School, Luxi. Liu Xubo, Deputy Director
of the Education Bureau of Luxi County, Huang Ling, Deputy Town Chief of the People’s Government of Luxi, Ni Yanjiao, Head of the Electronic Education Station of the Education Bureau of Luxi and Liu Zhijian, Principal of the Central School of Luxi also attended the ceremony.

“You have extended your benevolence to the area and provided a broad platform for the children’s growth. Your philanthropic act has brought them intellectual nourishment. Thank you for your support for the educational undertakings of the school,” commented Liu Xubo.

Sika Refurbishment Solutions
The Hope of Sika

The Hope of Sika let dreams go on. As Sika continues developing, its Library Project will go further and further. Since education can change the future, Sika organizes many different public service activities in countries around the globe. As a responsible transnational enterprise, Sika will continue fulfilling its social responsibilities and making a contribution to more educational welfare activities to spread the Hope of Sika to every corner of China.

The Library Project, the Little Yellow Helper volunteers, and the Hope of Sika are eagerly waiting for their next reunion.

About the Library Project

The Library Project is a non-profit charity organization. It donates books and libraries to under-financed schools and orphanages in Asia. The Library Project has donated over 1700 libraries since 2006 to primary schools in remote regions in China. The Library Project is a partner of the China Population Welfare Foundation, a charity organization approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China.