In the year under review, the further development and the implementationof the sustainability strategy has been assignedto the newly defined department “Sustainability and OperationsTechnology” (S&OT). This department encompasses ProductSustainability, Environment, Health and Safety, as well asFactory KPI Reporting. Other areas of S&OT are Quality Assurance,Risk Management, and Operations Technology. The sustainabilitystrategy is implemented and anchored locally by theline organization. A particular degree of responsibility lies withthe General Managers, Target Market Managers, R&D Managers,and Operations Managers, who drive the development andimplementation of local action plans.


The existing network of local and regional EHS and sustainabilityresources supports Sika companies in ideation, planning, andimplementation of higher-level regional measures. Through the“More Value – Less Impact” program, Sika regularly informed allinternal stakeholders about sustainability activities.


Sika established a Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) in 2016.An independent expert opinion aims to provide Sika managementwith additional guidance regarding the direction and implementationof Sika’s sustainability strategy. In 2018, the SABmet four times, in March, June, August, and November. The focustopics concentrated on the target areas “Local Communities/Society” (March), “Compliance” (June), “Sustainable Solutions”(August), and “Less Impact” (November). In November,the SAB met in Cerano (Italy), where Sika Polyurethane ManufacturingS.R.L organized a factory tour, highlighting in particularwork place safety.