Thanks to the experts in Sika’s corporate team in Switzerland, using SikaFiber® Force-60 (polypropylene fiber for concrete reinforcement) now does not lead to excessive production of packaging waste. The team developed a packaging solution that completely dissolves in water and therefore does not need to be removed from the product prior to its addition to the concrete mixer.

The fibers are packaged into bundles which are wrapped with a water soluble film. These fiber bundles are further packaged in a paper bag made of water dissolvable kraft paper which is printed with water soluble ink. Furthermore the paper bag is closed with water soluble yarn. In addition to the excellent performance of the fiber itself, the innovative packaging is another unique selling point of this product.

The packaging was developed in-house by Sika‘s packaging engineers in the Research and Development team in Zürich. Many tests were performed in the lab and out in the field to check the performance of the packaging in different conditions. All field tests were successful and showed the benefits of this innovative type of packaging.

As further testament to the excellence of this product, Sika also recently won the "Deutschen Verpackungspreis 2017" - the most prestigious packaging performance competition in Europe. Sika joined the award ceremony on September 26th in Berlin, along with the R&D project leader.

In December Sika was also very proud to win the WorldStar award.