A green filter system for wastewater treatment has been established in San Miduel de Sema, Colombia. Sika supported this project.

Construction of a green filter

Green Filter for Wastewater Treatment

In order to reduce the domestic wastewater inflow to Lake Fúquene, a green filter has been established in San Miguel de Sema, Colombia - as an a sustainable wastewater treatment system.The project partner has been Fundación Humedales, a partner of the Global Nature Fund.

Lake Fúquene is a shallow lake with great endemic biodiversity. It provides water for 200,000 people. The lake is nowadays threatened by the loss of hydraulic storage capacity, the introduction of exotic fish and macrophytes, and by a growing eutrophication.

Technology description

Green filters have the advantage of being a low cost infrastructure, their operation and maintenance costs are also low and they do not require skilled workers for maintenance.

As an alternative system for traditional wastewater treatment plants, green filters have the advantage of consuming no energy. In addition of having low negative impacts on the environment, they contribute significantly to enhance the landscape´s aesthetics and they attract species associated with natural wetlands.

In conclusion, the project, which has been supported by Sika, lead to an environmentally friendly and efficient wastewater treatment.