Sika is the only supplier with ETAG 033 for Sikalastic®

Sika currently is the one and only supplier which holds an European Technical Approval ETAG 033 for its Sikalastic®-841 ST. The European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) is responsible for the product legislation in various sectors to ensure a well-functioning internal market. The European Technical Approval ETAG 033 is for liquid applied bridge deck waterproofing kits.

Test procedure
The Sikalastic liquid applied waterproofing system has been applied on a concrete boards to test and evaluate the performance related to crack bridging, water tightness and physical properties, also after the application of asphalt concrete and mastic asphalt.

Customer benefits
Due to the harmonization in Europe the approval is valid in all member states of the EU. Specifying according to the harmonized European Standard gives the responsible engineers the safety to be in line with the current knowledge and with future requirements.

Great team work
The ETAG 033 for Sikalastic®-841 ST is the result of a great team work and a strong support of Sika Germany and Sika UK.