In October 2015 FEICA, the Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry, held a seminar explaining the benefits of its EU Model Environmental Product Declarations (EPD's). Mark Schneider, Head of Global Product Sustainability at Sika, summarized the advantages of the FEICA model EPD's.

Professionals from the adhesives and sealants industry, supply chain partners, related industries, EPD programme operators and legislators were discussing FEICA’s EU Model EPDs. The latter are supposed to help ensure that there is a wider range of products with proven environmental impact data available on the market for customers to choose from while reducing the costs and burden for manufacturers to collect the respective data and create EPDs for single products and applications.

Mark Schneider gave insights into the industry experience with model EPD’s. Schneider summarized in his speech the following findings:

  • Simple and cost effective approach to get an EN 15804 compliant EPD which is widely accepted across Europe by different stakeholder groups
  • Life-Cycle Analysis and EPDs show no major differentiation between chemically similar Sealant & Adhesive technologies
  • Company specific EPDs for individual products or product groups are related to high efforts with limited added value (customers, differentiation)
    - Small quantity of Sealants & Adhesives on building level
    - Relatively low environmental impact
    - Proper application, performance, quality and longevity are of major importance to the total environmental performance of a building during its whole lifetime
  • Mutual recognition and acceptance by major EPD program operators, national authorities and major Green Building Programs is crucial to avoid double work