According to statistics, almost one in four people worldwide have no electric power. Sika takes responsibility and provides products and know-how for the NPO Liter of Light in order to give light to socially deprived people.

Life in darkness

Just think what it would be like to live without electric lights – something people trapped in poverty have to deal with every day. Imagine living in the dark inside your own apartment and never being able to see anything when you get there.

Without electricity they are at a disadvantage in virtually every aspect of their lives. They are unable to preserve food or pump safe water and have no access to radio or TV. Even a simple thing such as charging a cell phone becomes a major task. And productive work is limited to outdoor activities during the daytime, because all these households still continue to live in darkness.

PET bottles, water and bleach

The goal of the Liter of Light initiative is to provide light to underprivileged communities around the globe by giving them an economically and ecologically sustainable source of light as an immediate solution. The plan is as simple as it is effective: Used clear plastic bottles are recycled, water and bleach are added, and the bottles are installed in the roof of the housing. Adding bleach ensures that the water stays clean and transparent and prevents the growth of algae, which would turn it green.

Bonding bottles

Sikaflex is used to bond and seal the bottle to the roof. After installation this solar light bulb can provide approximately 55 watts of sunlight, capturing and diffracting it to all parts of the room. Without the water, there would be nothing more than a bright spot on the floor, surrounded by relative darkness.

Technical support for global network

Sika is providing technical support for Liter of Light, along with know-how and product recommendations. In many countries where Liter of Light is being implemented, local Sika companies donate the necessary products such as Sikaflex to the organization for free. The idea was launched in the Philippines in 2009, followed by countries like Mexico and Spain, with Colombia and Peru scheduled to participate this year.

The aim of Liter of Light is also to facilitate the set-up of a global network to build a basis for international cooperation. This should increase awareness of the idea, simplify fundraising and make the sourcing of materials more cost-efficient.