The 2nd International Conference on Concrete Sustainability (ICCS16) took place last June in Madrid, Spain. Sika participated actively in this conference, not only as the main sponsor of the conference but it also presented some of its latest contribution to increase the sustainable performance of concrete.

The main topics that were dealt with in the Conference were environmental impact reduction technologies, sustainability aspects of durability, environmental design, evaluation and systems, socio-economic aspects and case studies on sustainable concrete materials and structures. Sika presented its most recent developments in bio-based admixtures, sustainable waterproofing solutions, on evaluating the life cycle performance of refurbishment strategies including environmental aspects and also on the development of mortars using waste materials as cement replacement.

Waterproofing solution for concrete basement

Ana Carmona from Sika Spain presenting “Life cycle assessment of waterproofing solution for concrete basement”

High performance sustainable mortars

Dr. Daniela Hesselbarth from Sika Technology presenting “High performance sustainable mortars”

Synthesizing bio-based PCE superplasticizers

Dr. Joerg Zimmerman from Sika Technology presenting “New route to synthesize bio-based PCE superplasticizers”

protective coatings for concrete

Clara Fiúza from the Sika Corporate Product Sustainability Group presenting “Life cycle assessment of protective coatings for concrete”